Mrz 11, 2011

Where was I…?

September 17th – November 6th, 2010. Vienna, Austria – Bolzano/Bozen, Italy. It’s hard to get back to this thing after such a long time. I usually just traveled somewhere, did something and posted photos of my little adventures. At some point I got bored by this concept as I thought all photos kinda looked the same anyway. So I didn’t even plan on not posting stuff anymore or taking a break, I just didn’t think anything was relevant enough to post it as I always wanted do something special and worth following. I tried to find new ways of making series or photo sets: I figured it might be nice to always just post one picture and tell the story behind it as I reckon there are really nice stories to some of the photos. Then I thought about just posting behind the scene pictures of jobs I do, but as I wasn’t convinced by that idea either I’m just going back to my little Hossamadonna diary for now.

So where was I? Right, what I wanted to tell you: Katherine Squier and her friend Matt traveled through Europe in September and October of 2010. I have known Katherine for quite some time as we’ve been Flickr friends for over two years. We had never seen each other though, so we decided to meet when she traveled through Vienna, Austria. They stayed in our apartment for some days and as we got along so well (we being my brother Lukas, Matt, Katherine and me) that we decided to take them back home to Italy with us (as we had to go home for a cousins reunion and they planned on going to Zürich, Switzerland after Vienna). We spent 24 hours/day together for almost a week and it almost felt like family after such short time. We traveled together, ate together, went to concerts and parties together, drank together, danced together… After our short stay in Bolzano/Bozen we brought them to the train station in Innsbruck, went back to Vienna while they were traveling to Zürich, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris and so on. When it was time for them to take their flight back to the States Katherine wasn’t ready to leave Europe yet so we decided that she’d come back to Vienna for some more time. The pictures I’m posting now are very important to me as it was such a nice and intense time for all of us. It’s basically just random shots I did during Matt & Katherine’s stay in Vienna and Bolzano with us. Some of the photos are by Katherine Squier. Click the photo to see the whole series, click a photo in the “series view” to see it in even bigger size.

© Christian Pitschl

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