Feb 22, 2009

Friday Night Out

February 13, 2008. Vienna. So we went to a concert of Bob Corn first and to this club afterwards when a friend told me that there was a guy on the dancefloor wearing a shirt of my band. I went over and asked him, if it was okay to take a photo of him when he asked me why I wanted to do that in a rather harsh way. I told him, that I was honored that somebody wore a shirt of my band and he said: „Well who of them do you think you are?“. I explained to him that I was the singer and he just answered that I didn’t have that long hair on the album. I had to laugh, conceded, he pulled out his cameraphone and wanted to take a picture of the two of us. He really was kinda sceptical… Click the photo to see the whole series, click a photo in the “series view” to see it in even bigger size.

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