Okt 15, 2009

September 1–13

September 1–13, 2009. All kinds of places. I haven’t really shot any series-compatible photos lately, so this is a selection of single shots I did in early September, sorted by date. Click the photo to see the whole series, click a photo in the “series view” to see it in even bigger size.

Two weeks on 35mm. By Christian Pitschl

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Sehr schöne Serie!!

that’s a lovely collection…NICE!

16 Okt 2009, 12:29pm by Stephanie

your photos are seriously amazing!
what camera did you use???
i especially love the horses :D

Thank you Stephanie! For these I’ve used two cameras: The wide angle pictures (all the photos after the one of my brother’s back with the light points on it) were shot with Ricoh GR1, the others with a Nikon N80 (F80).

my favorite shot it the fourth one down . . . the second and third are in second and third place for me :) have a wonderful weekend

All very nice. Very warm. Very inviting. Toilet Rocks!

great photos here, really

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