Aug 29, 2009

Holiday pictures

August 15 – 21, 2009. Vienna, Bolzano/Bozen, Bardolino. I went home for a short vacation two weeks ago and met up with some of my friends to spend some days at the lake of Garda together.  Great times, great times! Click the photo to see the whole series, click a photo in the “series view” to see it in even bigger size.

Holiday pictures on 35mm and 120 film. Photo by Christian Pitschl.

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gewaltig - sehr schöne schüße dabei!

schiane fotos - nice times - fahlts mir.
und phoebe fotomodello…

echt schian, überhaupt de forben im style a la anni 80..




30 Aug 2009, 4:01pm by valeria

belle belle belle queste foto!quella in cui salti è fantastica!

i like the third photo very much.

Thank you all so much!

Yeah! Great!
Besonders die ersten acht Fotos find ich super!

Looks like you had quite the vacation! Those photos are the perfect depiction of summer time. Love them.

Great photos!

what great vacation photos! :)))

7 Sep 2009, 5:54pm by Alexandra

schen wars am gardameer:-)

lovely vacations!
great pictures!

these are lovely. they make me sad that the summer is almost gone.

you reflect perfectly what a great time you had!

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