Mai 22, 2009

Photo job

May 15, 2009. Vienna. My friend’s girlfriend Natalie had some of her friends from school visiting from the U.S. We went out together and Katelyn, a friend of Natalie came to me, gave me a film and said something like how she was never on pictures as she was always shooting and that she saw mine and that I should shoot a film for her within these hours we spent together before they were leaving the day after. That’s what I did. Click the photo to see the whole series, click a photo in the “series view” to see it in even bigger size.

Photo job on 35mm. © Christian Pitschl

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who’s the handsome (but nevertheless scary *grrrr*) looking guy on the third pic? and that cutie he’s biting…. wow!

nice pics. thx

@Chris: thx for the nice pic!
@Frank: thx for “cutie”! ; )

Christian, I have a name ya know..

6 Jun 2009, 7:01pm by Samantha

Natalie. Samantha. Katelyn. got it?

What’s wrong with the names, girls?

What camera did you use for these, if I may ask?

Hey Roly! I used my Contax G1 with the 45mm/2 lens!

awesome results! what b&w film did you use?

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