Jan 27, 2009

In the recording studio with “Kleine Fische”

January 21, 2008. Vienna. I’ve been working on the soundtrack for a movie called “Kleine Fische” by Marco Antoniazzi for almost three months now and this was the last day of mixing at the production studio. I was just there to give my blessing to the Dolby mix and that’s what I did, so I had time to shoot the people who were really working that day. Click the photo to see the whole series, click a photo in the “series view” to see it in even bigger size.

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that is cool! when will the movie be out?

It’ll be out in late March I think! I’m going to the premiere tomorrow in Saarbrücken, exciting :-)

31 Jan 2009, 11:52am by nikolaus

Ich gefall mir tatsächlich auf den Fotos… das will was heißen!

19 Mai 2009, 3:25am by frankie

love the Self portriat!

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