Jan 16, 2009

Home for Christmas: My family on medium format

December 25, 2008. Bolzano/Bozen. This is my family shot on 120. Better check it out soon, it’s gonna go offline as soon as my mom finds it. Click the photo to see the whole series, click a photo in the “series view” to see it in even bigger size.

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lovely, luke in his pj’s
i love this camera, i love the chrissy look

these look seriously fantastic!! lovely family. really though, did you read in my message about wanting a site like this? can i hire your brother to set me up?!

thanks tom!
oh nina, sorry that I didn’t answer before. yeah you can, I just asked him today, I’ll send you his email address via facebook, aight? he’s really good at stuff like this!

beautiful set of portraits :)

what camera is that?

chris - you have to listen to => pavement - cut your hair

Q: Thanks a lot!! It was a Pentacon Six TL as you can see on the last picture! You can get that for 80 bucks on Ebay! :-)

Flox: You have to listen to => shut your dirty mouth! by someone i can’t remember…

hahahaha, can’t believe it… YEAH! That’s the song I meant ;)

your hair looks exactly like bob dylan’s on the avedon photo from 1965.

19 Mai 2009, 3:30am by frankie

omg looking lovely as always! and i love ALL of your amazing cameras! would love to see your wonderful collection!

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