Dez 12, 2008

Moving: The relocation

December 1–3, 2008. Vienna 10 to Vienna 7. Benni and I relocated from Monday till Wednesday. We didn’t plan it well and didn’t sleep from Tuesday to Wednesday. I was awake for 42 hours. Just a few days later they broke into my car and stole my Hasselblad and Nikon F3 with various lenses.

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love picture #two…

was is mit der scheibe passiert?

13 Dez 2008, 4:12am by Mutsumi

your cameras were stolen!?omg!!
it’s really too bad…

really cute pictures the one of your friend sleeping on the car ,and the last photo of you.

you have a cactus on your window? my sister too :)
and your record player looks a bit like mine.

ps:oh ,so sorry about your cameras! i mean a Hasselblad,this really sucks!

damn! it wasnt me. :) time for a new / real good camera. ;)

i like that photo of you near the top.

sorry to hear about the theft though :(

Hi Ini, die Scheibe ist in der Nacht eingeschlagen worden und meine Hasselblad und F3 samt Objektiven und Beli sind weg, huiiiii

Thanks, you all!

aggrrr bastards.

i hate thieves

i hope you can afford a new camera soon :)

@ benni: are you stealing a tv from some 10th district 1 euro shop?

oh fuck. das klingt schlimm. scheisswelt.

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