Dez 19, 2008

DJ-Set: Hossamadonna vs. Easy Tiger

December 1, 2008. In the middle of moving, Markus Gahleitner aka. Easy Tiger and me had a DJ set at Elektro Gönner’s Waidwund. Sad and intense music only.

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Dez 12, 2008

Moving: The relocation

December 1–3, 2008. Vienna 10 to Vienna 7. Benni and I relocated from Monday till Wednesday. We didn’t plan it well and didn’t sleep from Tuesday to Wednesday. I was awake for 42 hours. Just a few days later they broke into my car and stole my Hasselblad and Nikon F3 with various lenses.

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Dez 10, 2008

Moving: Leaving k_wg

Late November 2008: My cousin Benni and I are moving. Fede, Benni and I lived in this old family apartment for five years. Fede moved back to Bolzano/Bozen, Benni and I are changing apartment in Vienna. FINALLY. Click picture to see the series.

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Dez 07, 2008

Fashion Show - Mon Ami

November 27, 2008. Vienna, Mon Ami. My friends and I love going to vernissages and fashion shows eventhough we know shit about art or fashion. Call us the event-crashers!

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Dez 05, 2008

Sunday on Vienna’s Cobenzl

November 23, 2008. Vienna, Cobenzl. Alena and I spent an evening on a hill in Vienna.

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