Okt 28, 2008

Tania: Photos 2002 – 2008

Tania is one of my dearest friends. A few days ago I’ve brought her to the airport as she’s moving to New Zealand for some time. This is a series of pictures I took of her from the point I got to know her to her departure last week. P.S.: Jermaine and Bret, say hello to Tania, if you see her on the street!

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i always like whenever you put up a photo of her on flickr :)

I especially love the pictures in the water with the camera.[:

29 Okt 2008, 1:03am by Patricia

Great series!

Thank you all so much, I really appreciate it!

29 Okt 2008, 12:38pm by Easy Tiger

she loves the camera, and the camera just loves her back…

What fantastic photos you have here. Your blog is officially bookmarked!

Love this series, it feels like, suddenly, I’ve come to meet Tania, seeing through your life. I always enjoy pictures that make me feel that way, as if, somehow, you were near the person of photo. It’s quite inspiring, in fact.

Keep up with the good work :)

i´v seen your flickr for a while, but i didn´t knew you had a blog.

i don´t know how, but your pics suddenly have a whole new meaning

cheers from méxico.

oh i forgot to tell.

by the all the pics you can tell you have a really really nice relationship :)

Like this!

Thank you all so much!

me and my 70 personalities! It’s so nice to see old pictures! :)

i love her hair!!!
and all the photos, so nice.

i love to see your picture, you live such different life that we do in latin america, so i love to watch your world.

sorry for my english :)

besos from argentina

That’s an interesting statement: How is our life so different from yours?

these are lovely, they are all gorgeous

That’s a qutiw-kitced answer to a difficult question

The voice of rationality! Good to hear from you.

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