Okt 22, 2008

Archive: Roma, 2004

Smeidu, Michi, Flox, Max and I went to Rome in May 2004. I’ve just found pictures of that trip nobody has ever seen before. Click front picture to see the series!

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leck de fettn! nicht schlecht wie wir in viereinhalb jahren gealtert sind…

22 Okt 2008, 10:06am by Easy Tiger

AWESOME. we were young, we were free.

leckomio da war ma ja wirklich nu knackig :P

i find da smeidu schaut aus wie 12

Maximal 12 ;-) Auf dem Bild wo er so geil grinst, haha

na net schlecht - und irgendwia liab

look at all your hair!

Hahaha, yeah, that was the first thing I noticed, too. Hippie kids we were… Awesome trip though! :-)

I wish I had photos like these to document trips I’ve taken.
These are so great.

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