Okt 16, 2008

Son Of The Velvet Rat - live

Son Of The Velvet Rat live at Ostklub, Vienna, on September 23, 2008

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the light is wonderful and warm in all of these… what camera were you using?

Oh NINA!!!!! Hey :-) Don’t be dissapointed, but I was just using my brothers small DSLR Canon 350 with the built in flash. He once used it in the manual mode with some wrong settings for flash use so we found this funny technique of shooting flash pictures without making them look too blah… It’s cool ’cause you somehow have the chance to catch a bit of the on-stage-light. Are you fine?

i had a feeling these were digital, they just have that long exposure glow! don’t tell anyone, but i have a digital camera too….ssssshhhhh.

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